Bathmate – Hydro Penis Pumps


With over 1 million pumps sold, Bathmate is the world’s leading penis pump brand. They developed the world’s first hydro penis pump to improve penis size, stamina, and blood flow. Bathmate pumps use safe, powerful water pressure to draw in oxygen-rich blood to the penis, restoring penile health.

Bathmate offers three great lines of Bathmate penis pumps, each designed to suit a different kind of user. The original Bathmate Hydro series is ideal for first-time users. With a redesigned system delivering 35% more power, the Bathmate Hydromax is perfect for experienced users desiring bigger gains. For expert users looking for extreme performance, the Bathmate HydroXtreme is the world’s most powerful penis pump.

Invented in 2004, Bathmate pumps have been helping men around the world maximize their performance and become more confident with their bodies. With 10 powerful hydropump options and an ever-expanding selection of accessories and toys, Bathmate is truly a sextech industry leader.