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In this episode of the SexTech For Men Podcast, I speak with Jens Petter Wilhelmsen, CEO of Sweet Tech AS, the Norwegian company that designed and developed the Handy masturbator for men. The Handy is an automated stroking device that is fairly new in the market but has been receiving some very good press.

In our discussion, Jens talks about the origins of Handy and the research that has helped them achieve their early success in the market. We also discuss the different features of the Handy and it’s ability to function as a manual or interactive device. Jens also shares the goals that the Handy team hopes to achieve, and, spoiler alert, it’s all about SexTech for men.

It’s a bit of odd timing that my interview with Jens happened the very same week that the popular Fleshlight Launch device came back into stock. I know a lot of people were hoping they would get another chance to buy the Launch, but, with the Handy, it’s clearly a much lighter device that is easier to handle. And with the ability to function in interactive mode, I can see why many users would now choose the Handy over the Launch.

Whatever the choice might be, the good news is that we have brands like Handy that are really focused on providing more quality sextech products for men.

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  1. I think interactive toys are definitely the way forward, with VR compatibility and scripting gaining momentum lately. Team Handy has created a really solid product with a great form factor and lots of functionality that makes it clearly stand out amongst the competition. On top of that, these guys are listening to their customer’s feedback regularly, so no doubt things will continue to get better over time. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the interview, Jens and Alexander made an extraordinary job for this product it’s very inspiring ! Hope to win one

  3. It’s clear that interactive toys have an ever growing place in the modern sex toy landscape, particularly with an ongoing pandemic keeping people apart and forcing people to adapt.

  4. This is awesome! …and would make our pegging sessions a lot more interesting. Thanks for the interview and the info. Either way it’ll go on our to-buy-eventually list!

  5. This is easily one of the best male sex toys of 2020, and possibly the only good things that come out of 2020 as well. Scott did an excellent interview with the creator and the review was spot on.

  6. From an engineering/design perspective, it was really interesting to hear about the revision and care that went into the design of the Handy and that is being carried forward into its continued development. Very familiar story, though my own experience is in a much more mundane and boring field than sex toys. It sounds like an interesting product with a really passionate team behind it.

  7. This would be really interesting to use with the VR set that I have. Being able to watch VR and not having to move my hands and have an automatic stroker would be pretty awesome. Like that there is lots of variation in the speed and the length of the stroke. Although 10 strokes a second sounds pretty intense.

  8. I have been curious about how this toy stacks up against others in the category. I have wanted to invest in an auto toy and was planning to until covid struck. This one seems well respected and suggested by enthusiasts around. Best of luck to everyone.

  9. Very interested in the interactive aspect. We have interactive toys for the wife, but never thought about one for me.

  10. The interview was very interesting thanks for thé share ! The product seems great and the story behind makes it more unique
    Hope to win one ❤️

  11. Interactive toys are for sure the future and I’m glad they’re gaining traction. Paradoxically, men have fewer options for sex toys despite it being more socially acceptable for them to have sex. It is a welcome change to see more high tech options for them, and I am curious to see what other interesting developments Handy has paved the way for.

  12. I found it really funny that the origin for a… Toy was brought about by happening upon it through 3D printing, which sounds like it would be a difficult time regardless of background. It sounds good, and that even though the market isn’t that large, it’s a great origin. Hope to win!

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