The Xinfly All-Inclusive Male Massager


It’s always fun to discover new toys and the Xinfly All-Inclusive Male Massager is definitely unlike any adult toy I’ve seen before. The unique design of the massager really made a big impression on me when I was introduced to it earlier this year at the AVN Novelty Expo in Las Vegas. I’ve now been able to test the product and I’m happy to be one of the very first users to post about my experience with it.

The Xinfly All-Inclusive Male Massager was developed by tech company Beijing Telezone, a leading RFID manufacturer in China. Xinfly is the adult supplies brand of Telezone and the All-Inclusive Male Massager is the first adult pleasure product they have brought to market. The company believes that its strong technical design background and experienced R&D team will help them achieve great success in the rapidly developing sextech industry.

The Xinfly team began working on the massager in 2016 with the concept of “full coverage” guiding them in their design. The goal was to produce a device that would stimulate a man’s penis, anus, and all the sensitive areas in between. An open-minded approach allowed the engineers to explore a non-traditional design that they hope will help men discover a new way to enjoy their bodies.

As shown in the video above, the massager incorporates several adjustable parts into its complex modular design. It does take a fair amount of time to assemble and the adjustment process requires some patience as well. I was advised that it usually takes several sessions for each user to find the right position for the massager with the best angles and tensions to fit their body. My experience proved that to be very good advice as it took a few attempts just to start getting comfortable.

Once the massager is positioned correctly, the next challenge is figuring out the proper body movement to engage both the rear massage head and the penis sleeve. Much like the avatar is depicted in the above video, the maneuver that works best for me is a short squatting motion combined with a hip thrust at the end. It’s not a movement one would normally perform during sex, but it certainly gets the job done with the Xinfly All-Inclusive Male Massager.

After getting comfortable with the setup, the pleasure factor tends to improve with each use. The penis sleeve has a nice feel to it and the sensation from the rear massage head is quite noticeable as it presses against the perineum. The additional massage heads and their extensions help to provide various degrees of stimulation to other areas.

I can say that I’m satisfied with the performance of the Xinfly All-Inclusive Male Massager, but I’m still exploring different positions and movements in hopes that I will find multiple ways to enjoy all the sensations it can provide. For now, the squat and thrust technique works well for me. And thanks to the wearable design, the massager functions as a hands-free device so I can focus my attention on other things while using it.

The massager has been selling on Chinese e-commerce sites for several months and should be available on Amazon very soon. Xinfly is also looking for other outlets to expand overseas and has already obtained CE, ROHS, and FDA certifications. I will be sure to post an update when the massager becomes more widely available. I’ve had fun with this new toy and I hope others will soon get a chance to enjoy it as well. For more details, please visit