Win A RealDollx Robot Doll


Many of us have dreamed of experiencing the most technologically advanced AI-driven robotic doll system and now the RealDoll Ultimate Robot & Fan Experience Sweepstakes could help make that dream come true. Additional prizes include a trip for two to RealDoll Headquarters, a RealDoll gift bag and a lifetime membership to Club RealDoll.

The Realdollx robot doll utilizes an AI-driven system powered by technology developed over the past several years. It features a modular head system with multiple points of actuation, which enables the doll to form expressions, move its head, and speak to you. The eyes can also move and blink, creating an experience never before possible with any doll. It is designed to run with customizable AI software “X-Mode”, which allows you to create unique personalities and control the voice of your robot.

Options for the Realdollx are the same as any other RealDoll in terms of makeup, eye colors, and other details. Custom options such as punched eyebrows and hand-painted eyes are also available. The RealdollX faces are also modular and can be swapped to create multiple characters on one hardware platform.

With the Realdollx App users can carry their perfect companion with them wherever they go. Users can create and customize their own AI-driven virtual RealDoll using cutting edge technology. The AI companion is extremely versatile and designed to hold long-term, persistent conversations with users.

Visit the RealDollx Sweepstakes page now for your chance to win the world’s most technologically advanced AI-driven robotic doll. To help boost your chances of winning, bonus entries can be earned via social media activity.